Other Music


This page contains a number of links to Soundcloud playlists. These are songs that have not been released and include songs where I have provided backing tracks for other singers, songs created on the fly using a looper, performances with other musicians - both in person and remotely across the internet.

SoundCloud Recordings

These songs have never seen a computer or studio. They were created on the fly using a TC_Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme pedal. The drums are provided by a Beat Buddy, and the bass is created using the same guitar I am using for the guitar parts, using the Voicelive to emulate bass. Keys, sax and some of the percussion is played on a Kurzweil PC7-LE keyboard.

A collection of original that have not made it to CD (Yet). All parts are played by me.

The 4 songs below we created for friends of mine in a virtual world (Second Life) who sing. I have not met them in real life, only virtually. In each case they asked me to record tracks for a song they want to perform. I have them send me a guide vocal so I can get phrasing, put the tracks together and then mix the guide vocal into the track.

I enjoy doing this as it exposes me to a wide variety of styles, and puts me out of my comfort zone. All the recordings were made in my home studio using a Presonus Studiolive 16:4:2 and Sonar. The instruments are all played by me. The drums are produced by using a Roland Octapad driving and Addictive Sound drum plug in the DAW

I enjoy playing instrumentals, here are a few below. As with the rest of my material, I play all the parts, and self-record/produce. The piano Improv is just that. Complete improvisation played straight through - no overdubs or edits - on a Korg Mikrostation keyboard. This is a curious keyboard - it has tiny keys, but has the sounds from the Korg M3. I usually use it for my one man live performances.

I tend to find covers from obscure places - often from the 70s and 80s - that I stumble across or are recommended to me. I happily mix genres, and love to get out of my comfort zones. Rory Gallagher was (and still is) one of my favorite guitar players - I love the emotion he can wring from a guitar. When I heard Stream of Stars I was convinced it was a Shadows song - I am a big fan of their work - and was really surprised it was by Jeff Lynne - of ELO fame.

One aspect of modern technology is the ability for musicians to play together remotely across the internet. The first musician starts playing and sends the music out on his stream. Another musician picks up the stream, adds parts and sends mix out on his stream to be picked up by the next musician and so on. The final result can be heard - live - online where is sounds like the musicians are all in the same room playing together. The 4 tracks below are from an entirely impromptu performance by 3 musicians beginning in Texas, going to Kentucky and then to me in Oregon. A really cool experience.

For more example of dual and triple streaming follow the link... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3c-d_5bkeG...

I do like to work with bands when the opportunity arises - the segment below is a 6 minute sample from a performance with some friends at a local venue.