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Original Grif - Steve Griffiths

Do You Love Me

Do you love me?
The way that I love you
Will our love be
the thing that keeps us true?
Will it keep us together
Now and Forever
Do you Love Me?

Will you hold me?
The way I want you to
Move against me
My hands caressing you
Warmth is flowing though me
As you hold your body to me
Will you hold me?

Will you kiss me?
Your lips soft an fine
Pressed against me
A taste of fine red wine
Our lips begin exploring
Your eyes watch mine imploring
Will you kiss me?

Lay down with me
Into my loving arms
Kiss me harder
Seduce me with your charms
Our bodies come together
This should last for ever
Lay down with me

Make love to me
Look in my eyes above
Wrapped around me
Let me feel your love
Your breath becoming faster
Heart is beating harder
Make love to me

Do you love me?
The way that I love you
Will our love be
The thing that keeps us true?
Will it keep us together
Now and Forever
Do you Love Me?

That Road

I look around
And the whole worlds going up in flames
I look around
looking for someone to blame
But I See the same old faces
See the same old names
I really wish we could
Stop playing these games

If war is hell
Then we’re here in Hell on Earth
People dying
Losing life and all it’s worth
We’re on that road
That road we know so well,
We’re on that road
We’re on that road to hell

The cost is high
Gold and lives to feed the war
Let’s stop the hate
Maybe we can feed the poor
Senseless fighting
For some outdated cause
From secret meetings
Going on behind closed doors.

Help me out here
Tell me how to find my way
Help me believe
That the world is here to stay
Let’s stop the hatred
And the anger and the greed
Lets spend that cost
Giving people what they need

A Thousand reasons
Of why we fight these wars
None make sense
Deaths not worth fighting for.
Listen up
Human beings can’t eat oil
If we keep this up
We’ll have radiated soil.

We’re on that road
That road we know so well,
We’re on that road
We’re on that road to hell

In your Eyes

When I look deep in your eyes
I see my life, reflected in the skies.
I see your face, nestled in the stars,
giving a sense of who you are
Deeper still, in your mind
which is trying to unwind

If one day, we're still around
it will mean, out love abounds
Just how long this will be
I can't say with certainty.
When you hear, this song of mine
it will end with this line

I'll love you another day
every day, that you stay
I'll love you another year
every day, that you're here

With me

The Crosshairs

Tambourettes are dancing
Shaking what they've got
I don't need to tell you
I think they've got a lot
Watch those girls all dancing
Oh my word they're hot

First Time I saw you
Walking down the street
I knew I had to find you
I knew we had to meet meet
Then when I found you
you were awful sweet

Caught you in the crosshairs
Of my Girly Gun
Caught you in the crosshairs
nowhere left to run
and now that I've found you
lets have some fun

First I'm gonna Kiss you
Softly on your mouth
And Then I'll kiss you
Harder on your mouth
And then if you like that
I'll kiss you further

We're going to Argentina!

No Looking Back

I want you
I want you to be mine
I need you
To hold me for a while
I love you
I love you
All the time.

I hold you
I do
Just to see you
smile again
I want you
Around me
When we're together
Our love goes on forever
no looking back

You hold me
Your warmth just flows though me
You kiss me
Your lips set fire to me
Your breathing is slowing
I feel you passion growing

Now we're laying
Just too spent to speak
And I kiss you
Gently on your cheek
Your Body is stirring
My love is growing
All the time

We should be together
Entwined like this forever
No looking back.

Grif's Morning Blues

I woke up this morning
Fell right down the stairs
My big lazy dog was laying right there
As I went over, arse over tit
I fell to the ground and nearly broke my hip

Coffee pot is broken
Couldn’t get a drink
Feeling  really woozy
Couldn’t even think
I had to drink something
And drink something quick
Ended up with water
It almost made me sick

My head is pounding
I don’t know what to do
Should go back to bed
And cuddle up with you
So then I took some aspirin
Best thing I can do
Climbed back into bed
And had my way with you

But when we reached the home stretch
The phone began to ring
Oh my lord its work for me
I really just can’t win
Grif Put your pants on
Its Really bad news
Welcome one and all
to Grif’s morning blues

Fleeting Moments

Such a Fleeting Time,
Living on this Earth
Living Loving, Playing
Living life for all it's worth
Eventually we're taken
Plucked away from Earth

Our Lives are what we make them
The Sum of things we’ve done
The joy we given  others
Our Love for Everyone
It’s good to be remembered
For warmth and Joy and Fun

What we learn we leave behind us
For others to enjoy
Be proud of what you accomplish
No reason to be coy
Leave behind your legend
For the whole world to enjoy.

Crossing the Line

On my way; crossing the line
Got a lot on my mind
Going to meet my baby
For the very first time

Two years we've known each other
Talking, laughing all the while
Getting to know each other
Just one day at a time

Driving down to meet
Thoughts running through our brains
Wondering how it's gonna feel
Holding for the first time again

We'll wrap our arms around us
We'll raise my lips for a kiss
Hold on for a little while
Feeling full of bliss

Poseball Blues

You're on the wrong pose ball
You're sitting on the mat
You're on the wrong pose ball
We can't make love like that
I've told you before I think
The one you want is pink
I've got those poseball blues.

I've brought you home at last
Got you to come inside
To put your mind at ease
I keyed slash one hide
But when I made them show
You shook your head Oh No
You won't get me on those

My room is like a forest
A sea of pink and blue
You know that when you see them
I wanna do bad things with you
You could take a chance
It might just be a dance
I've got those pose ball blues

poseball pink and blues
poseball pink and blues

Tears on my Pillow

Tears on my Pillow Woke up crying over you Tears on my pillow You've told me that we're through I know that I've caused this but i won't get over you

I Wake up feeling lonely Lonely and cold Life is so much better babe
When I have you to hold
Now that you have left me
All I feel is old

Theres a pain inside me baby
Deep inside my heart
crying for you baby
I've loved you from the start
Tears just keep on coming
so sad we have to part.

Our lives should be together,
Share our love at home
so hard to be in contact,
Living on the phone
But now I've thrown it all way
And ended up alone alone

Tears on my pillow
So alone in bed
Living the memory
All the words we have said
There is only pain without you
I'm just hanging by a thread

Patient Man

I'm a patient man
and I know how to wait
Can wait a long time
got the patience of a Saint,
But I wanna get close to you.

You can see me any time
doesn't matter what you say
As long as you are with me
Gonna love you anyway
But I wanna get close to you.

We all have have troubles sometime,
I sometimes bite my tongue
but when I see you smiling
I know that you're the one

I didn't know I loved you
I thought that we were friends
then I slowly realized
what would happen in the end
I'm going to be with you

We were chatting every day
For as long as we pleased
Our talk would get risque
And then we'd start to tease
Thought about you all the time

I wanted to be around you,
Thought about you all the time
But friendship was important
I wanted to take my time

I'm a patient man
and I know how to wait
Can wait a long time
got the patience of a Saint,
But I'm gonna get close to you.

I said I think you love me
wrong window mistake
your reaction really threw me
and I didn't to wait
I'm gonna to get close to you

I asked you to dance
and I held you in my arms
such a warm soft feeling
lulled by your charms
Dancing close to you

I sang you a song
of how we flirt and tease
but it wasn't very long
before I said please
Let me get close to you

I wanted you a long time, I just didn't know but when I saw you smiling I was filled with a glow

I'm a patient man
and I know how to wait
Can wait a long time
got the patience of a Saint,
So glad I'm close to you

This song is not yet finished
Many verses left to write
wanted to say I loved you
on this and every night
Staying Close to You

Holding on to you
Always loving you