Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Electric Brit?

The Electric Brit is the stage name of Steve "Grif" Griffiths, a native of Great Britain who came to the USA in 1977, and spend several years in the touring sound industry, working as a live sound engineer for bands including Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath and Quiet Riot. During this time I was a frustrated musician, and now perform as often as possible.

I still follow the sound side of the music business and also run a small sound company.

Who is Grif Bamaisin?

Grif Bamaisin is an avatar name. As well as playing in the "real" world, I play virtual shows from my home studio, frequently in a virtual world called second life ( If you google Grif Bamaisin, there are 1000s of hits, so for a while I was playing physical venues as Grif Bamaisin. I am now trying to keep "The Electric Brit" for "real shows"

"Grif is my nickname - Steve "Grif" Griffiths

The brick below is one of many thousand bricks on Pioneer Square in downtown Portland.